Corporate Site for RHI

This site was created with a lot of passion and effort from a big team. I really enjoyed working with this company, and each game. Gold experience!

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Carnage 40K Website Proposal

This was the first pass for Carnage website. We were planing to create a single page website, but later we change to a full website with News and Blog included, for this request we use CMS.

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shoal media

This is a microsite for a company overseas. It was a great project because we work in rush time. I tried to find the best solutions for this microsite. Something fast and something clean. This is a WordPress Site that has an slider in the front page, connection with social channels and basic contact form.

I created this WordPress theme in 2 days approx. The logo design was the first request of the client, after this the website was the second task.

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shotting cows

This is a lading page or microsite that shows the basic information of shooting cows games. I have this great opportunity to work with this game. Really fun and great game.

The website offer you a showcase/slider of the game, some details of the game and the option of Newsletter subscription. This is a WordPress site and full responsive.

As well for this project I work in other areas of the game. As Marketing designer and some work inside the game that include work with P4.

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