Tag: Logo Design

  • Logo for Carnage Champions

    Logo for Carnage Champions

    For this project I had the task to find a solution with the new version of the Carnage Game, this version was the “upgrade” or pay version. I use elements from the game to create a new composition of the logo. I had help with some textures that were apply in the “champions” word and…

  • Lilac Painting logo
  • Online Casino Partner logo

    Online Casino Partner logo

    Working on this project was a great challenge. The main deal with this logo was the large name, the client request the feeling of “casino” style. This logo was live with the website.

  • Shoal Media Logo

    Shoal Media Logo

    It was great to work with this client, in fact is one of my contracts. The client was looking some reference with the real meaning of the word “shoal”. I made a couple of different versions, each version had some reference with the sea. PROJECT RELATED

  • shoal media

    shoal media

    This is a microsite for a company overseas. It was a great project because we work in rush time. I tried to find the best solutions for this microsite. Something fast and something clean. This is a WordPress Site that has an slider in the front page, connection with social channels and basic contact form.…

  • online casino partner

    online casino partner

    Site created to showcase some game results in UK.

  • Cuay Sugar

    Cuay Sugar

    Logo Design. This is a project about cupcakes, love for the sweetness and love for cakes, yummy!! I create 2 variations, one with a cherry on top of the cupcake and the second one without. The client prefer a revel cupcake. As well stickers, and covers for social media were create.