This is part of the administration and maintenance for They sell Solid Rosewood Furniture.

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Landing Page for

Designing a landing page for

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Corporate Bingo

This is a Joomla 3.2 website. I had to migrate from 1.5 and create a new template for this version. In the same project I had to setup a dedicated IP and keep the same structure from the old side. As well designing slides for the front page.

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Production Design West

I had the great time updating this website for this art director. Each client is different, but I love to see new perspectives and new ways that clients think and what they expect from my work/time with them.

We need to find a better and fast solution. Update the site, a better organization of his work. Creating a good channel and connection between the portfolio site and all the visual work.

The challenge is of this site is moving this amount of work and integrate from a html site to CMS site. The client requested a good integration with his logo, the logo was updated and we get a really good result. Creating new slides from his past project, editing pictures for a better showcase.

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