shoal media

This is a microsite for a company overseas. It was a great project because we work in rush time. I tried to find the best solutions for this microsite. Something fast and something clean. This is a WordPress Site that has an slider in the front page, connection with social channels and basic contact form.

I created this WordPress theme in 2 days approx. The logo design was the first request of the client, after this the website was the second task.

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shotting cows

This is a lading page or microsite that shows the basic information of shooting cows games. I have this great opportunity to work with this game. Really fun and great game.

The website offer you a showcase/slider of the game, some details of the game and the option of Newsletter subscription. This is a WordPress site and full responsive.

As well for this project I work in other areas of the game. As Marketing designer and some work inside the game that include work with P4.

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trophy bingo

This is an special project, because we integrate the “smart banner” for mobile application. In this case when you see this page on your mobile (iphone or android) you will get a banner on the top section of your device. This banner will show you that you can download the game.

For this project I worked with a great programmer to integrate this connection with smart banners for old iOS versions . The website is 100% responsive. The WordPress theme was created in base of the game style.

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This is my first Japanese/English website. It was a big challenge every time when I get all the copy in Japanese, you have to have a good communication with the writer and understand each level or separation of the content.

This is a WordPress site, depending the browser, it will detect automatically the language English or Japanese. The theme of this site was create in two weeks aprox. For each technology that the website offer you can see connection/feed with facebook and twitter.

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Rosewood Home & Condo

I had been working with Rosewood Home & Condo since 2012. This is a great company that believe in my work and my abilities since the beginning. One big opportunity where I can showcase my work in print and web version.

This website is part of a big process, we started with a Joomla site project in 2012 aprox, but in 2013 we were looking for something new and fresh, so we use Magento an open source e-commerce web application. So far so good, this site fills all the needs that Rosewood was looking for.

Right now I’m in charge for all updates online, updating the facebook channel and the print promotional version for each 2 or 3 weeks on newspaper.

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Web Design Project. This site is Joomla. I was in charge to re-design the website in rush time. As well the logo creation. I use the same content from the old site. This site was running in less than 3 days.

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